Below are some of the most common questions we get, but if you cannot find the answer to your question below please send us an email and we will respond to you directly.

Is POPeeze designed for the removal of painted popcorn textured ceilings?

The short answer is “no”, but it does depend on the ceiling. Generally once a popcorn texture ceiling has been painted the ability to remove the popcorn texture from ceiling by simply applying water changes. A painting popcorn textured ceiling forms a barrier between the popcorn texture and the ceiling surface (typically drywall) which does not allow water to penetrate and can reduce the effectiveness of POPeeze. If your popcorn textured ceiling is painted it is strongly recommended that a solution is applied to the painted popcorn texture to allow for easier removal.

How do I know if a popcorn textured ceiling is painted?

If you are unsure if your popcorn textured ceiling has been painted below are some methods to help you determine if they have been or not.

Run your hand over the popcorn texture and if it easily flakes off then it has not been painted.

Select a small area of the ceiling and apply some water using either a sponge or spraying device. If the water soaks into the popcorn texture it has not been painted. If the water beads up the ceiling has been painted.

Do you have bulk contractor pricing discounts?

Yes, we do for orders above 25 units. Email us directly to request specific bulk pricing discount information for you order.

What is the best method for applying water to the ceiling?

We found the best method for applying water is by using a pressurized bug sprayer with lukewarm water.  Please watch our tutorial video for helpful tips and hints on applying water to the ceiling.

Do I have to worry about asbestos in the popcorn texture?

If your ceiling texture was applied prior to 1979, DO NOT attempt to remove it without having the ceiling tested for asbestos content.  Contact your local Environmental Agency for further information.

How long will one PopEEZE blade last?

Each blade should cover approximately 500 square feet of textured ceiling.  Blade durability is affected if the textured ceiling is painted.

Why are there 3 sets of holes on each POPeeze blade?

The holes give the user the ability to easily adjust the blade slightly to the right or left allowing the blade to scrape the popcorn texture from the edges of the ceiling.

What angle should the blade be applied to the ceiling?

For POPeeze to be most effective we recommend an angle between 30° and 45° when scraping the popcorn texture.

How long of a wet/dry vacuum hose should I use with POPeeze?

We recommend using a 12 foot hose with POPeeze to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the tool.