The world’s BEST popcorn texture remover.

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Cleaner. Safer. Faster.

Popcorn ceilings don’t stand a chance. 

POPeeze Product
Unique Blade Design

The POPeeze patent-pending blade is designed for clean and efficient texture removal.

Adjustable Blade

The POPeeze blade can be adjusted to the right or left to allow smooth scraping against wall edges.

Full-width Funnel

The funnel is designed catch popcorn texture directly from blade to prevent mess.

Quick Vacuum Attachment

POPeeze can be connected directly to a shop vacuum for easy and immediate cleanup.

Built-in Hand Grip

When areas are too hard to reach with a pole, you can switch to the built-in hand grip.

Easy Pole Attachment

Avoid standing on a ladder by attaching a threaded pole to the built-in hand grip.